Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm Still Here!

And I have lots of items to list but...I am waiting a few more days. I am taking this a step further and adding PayPal so you can feel completely confident using their secure payment system.

Another hold up was the fact that we welcomed a new grand son into the world a few weeks ago and had our 4 year old grand son, Mason in the hospital for a week. He has what is called a "Potts Puffy Tumor" that is actually quite a rare thing. It's not cancer but is called a tumor for some reason. They had to drill a hole in his head and place a drain tube. He is now home and having I.V. antibiotics administered through a PICC Line by mom and dad. The best news is that he is going to be just fine!

So, keep watching! I'll have lots of fun things for you to look at!

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