Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Birth of Spring

Here are some more bits and pieces of the tease I left yesterday regarding texture. See the mesh underneath the flowers? I am over the top in love with this stuff! It's so fibrous (is that a word?) and textural (?) and not perfect, nor asymmetrical in any way shape or form! So how could I not love it? I love it so much I used it in this collage.

Here's a close up of the detail in the frame. Pretty!

And yes, these are real bird eggs. We find them every spring on the ground. Sad that they can't grow up and eat at my bird feeder, but they are
serving a beautiful purpose, aren't they?

Here's the whole collage in it's antique frame. It has convex glass so it is really hard to get a really good picture of it. If you have a secret for taking a good photo under glass will you share?

Here it is unframed. Much prettier framed but that darn glass. If you know how to get a good photo of something under glass please share!

I've asked some of questions in this post. I want feedback!!! So, please leave a comment. I have never put anything I have ever made out there for anyone but close friends to see much less sell it. I think The Peddler finally knows why I have been hoarding for all of these years. This particular frame has been under our bed for a long time. I knew some day I would drag it out, clean it up, and do something with it!

$145.00 plus actual shipping cost. Thanks for looking!

Altered Art Attic


  1. Sadly Blogger will not cooperate. The writing doesn't go with the pictures, but I'm sure you will figure it out! arrrrgghhhhh

  2. WOWWEEE!!! I WANT IT!!! If it comes up missing tomorrow, don't blame me!! I live too far away to snag it!! But I DO have friends in low places!! LOL!! Absolutely Gorgeous!! Great find with those eggs!! LOVE that textural material at the top!! What is that? Stace